Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chicago Social- Modern Luxury Magazine May 2003 -page 111- Going, going, blonde-advice from the pros about faking the natural look by Liz Grossman and Lauren Schott.

Who are the celebrity blondes that your clients will look like?Emilio Rivera-Jennifer Aniston's camel honey color, Heather Locklear for all over blonde, Sarah Jessica Parker for a funkier look. And more mature ladies always want to look like raise Kelly-don't we all?

What's the biggest mistake someone can make when choosing a color? Never color your hair before a party or major event. It's a big mistake.

What are your feelings on all over color?If you don't have to, don't lay with it. But if you're into fashion, and keep up with the latest looks and know how to wear your makeup, go for it.

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