Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lighting the way to find a cure-- Carson's & The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation 2009-2010

Our deepest gratitude to the following buildings, companies and landmarks for supporting our cause by glowing pink during October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Join us in the charge against breast cancer. October is breast Cancer awareness month! Every time you use your Carson's card to me the purchase, will make a donation to the Lynn Sage Cancer research foundation. Plus visit our pink shop! It's a unique selection of items to benefit breast cancer research and celebrate survivors.

Salon duo was presented a certificate of appreciation from the Lynn Sage Cancer research foundation for their humble participation in the 2009 and 2010 Light the Way for a cure campain. By participating in this breast cancer awareness campaign you helped remind women of the importance of early detection against breast cancer. Your efforts are saving lives and touch all of those affected by this terrible disease. We are grateful for your support with serious things, Susan Silver Earlbacher. 2009 Vice -Chair, Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation. Together we can raise awareness. Make a difference. Find a cure.

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